Uncover hidden insights in your data and take action based on robust analysis

I'll help you move away from siloed analyses, map your data and understand your domain.


Domain expertise

I'll help you become a domain expert with research that matters.

Streamline your data

Clean messy data, streamline and automate your analyses.

Map out data

Data models that map out and transform sources into the data you want them to be.

Discover your data and take action

Find inisghts and solutions in your data and grow your business

Domain Expertise

Want to become an expert in your domain?

As the subject matter expert on corporate data in the KYB space of AML, I know the importance of research that matters.

I'll help you track legislation and develop your criteria and methods of analysis.

Data Analytics

Are your actions powered by the insights in your data?

I'll help you find insights and solutions in your data. Recommendations and trends are clearly presented in interactive dashboards.

Map data

Need to combine wildly different sources of data or different taxonomies?

By drawing on my experience mapping datasets in fintech, I'll help you design data models that standardise, map, and transform yor datasets from what they are to what you need them to be.