Welcome! I'm Albin

I joined the KYB space as a corporate data analyst because of my interest in anti-corruption and international development.

Working on a corporate database that flags AML/CTF risks has been the perfect opportunity to learn about the practical side of sanctions and what it's like under the hood of compliance in the financial sector.

This website is for you to get to know me, as a data analyst and researcher in the KYB space.

My experience

MA History and Politics

University of Glasgow

With honours of the First Class

2016 - 2020

International Affairs Research Analyst

Comply Advantage

  • Use SQL, Python, and Excel to analyse data and query large databases
  • Define criteria and design methodologies
  • Develop taxonomies, data transformations, and map sources of data
  • Monitor international legal framework in AML/KYB space
  • Liason between product managers and developers on database design

Nov 2021 - Present

Data Analytics Certificate

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate